Fire Department

Richard Clark, Fire Chief

Our Fire Service Commitment

As with any organization, the success or failure of that organization can be traced back to several key points; a mission, a commitment to that mission, leadership, and support from all levels of the organization. The department vision must include where the organization needs to be in three years, five years and even ten years.

In our case our mission is clear. Provide the residents of Eastport with a level of public safety, that is high in quality, timely manner, and affordable. To this point we strive to provide effective, efficient, and economical fire service to our community.

Our personnel are highly trained knowledgeable and compassionate professionals whose commitment is unquestionable. Our leadership comes from all levels of our organization.

We have examined our role in the community and how it had evolved. We realize that we are no longer simply a Fire Department. In fact we now provide the citizens a much broader scope of fire, rescue, and emergency services. We believe that the citizens of Eastport have a service that they can be very proud of and we were pleased to be honored with a dinner for our volunteer services in 2002.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Richard Clark Fire Chief
Tom Critchley Assistant Fire Chief
Earl Small Captain