Groundskeeping Department

Hillside East Cemetery, located in the northern section of High Street, holds a lot of Eastport's heritage, from sailors and their families to British and American soldiers and sailors, businessmen, common men and women. Reading the headstones and enjoying the view can be very interesting and relaxing. The oldest gravestone dates from 1800 and is believed to have been transplanted from Robbinston. The cemetery has been expanded several times and was once a park. There are three tombs above the ground and used throughout most of the 19th century.

The newer section, Hillside West, is across the street. There are some sites left to purchase as a final resting place. The view from the "mountain" behind the cemetery is breathtaking.

Bayside Cemetery is located on Cemetery Road off Clark Street. It is the more modern of the three and the view from there is also magnificent. All records of the cemeteries are kept both in the City Vaults at 22 Washington Street and at the Groundskeeper's Building located the the top of Hillside East on upper High Street.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Tabetha Young Superintendent
Donavon Decesare Groundskeeper